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The obligations of GROUPE ELEC in terms of repair or replacement are subject to the following framework and conditions of the warranty: In order to benefit from the GROUPE ELEC service and warranties in the best conditions, all the steps from installation, precautions, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment, subject of the warranty, are grouped in the various manuals and guides made available to the customer, which can be consulted and downloaded on the website We advise you to take note of these before any use or installation of the equipment. The correct installation, use and maintenance directly determine the warranty.

As a reminder: For gasoline generator sets and 3000 rpm diesel generator sets, the first maintenance should be done after 20 hours of use, then every 100 hours of use. For industrial generator sets, the first maintenance is done after 100 hours of use, then every 500 hours of use.
For gasoline models, maintenance includes oil change and air filter cleaning. For diesel models, it includes changing the oil, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter.

1. SCOPE OF THE GUARANTEE during the warranty period of the product, GROUPE ELEC's responsibility will only cover the following items:

- The replacement of parts or the repair of the same shall be subject only to the irrevocable judgment of the ELEC GROUP Service Department.

- The warranty is granted only after expertise of the defective parts after return to the workshops of the Seller or its authorized agents.

- Any part delivered before acceptance of the guarantee will be invoiced.

- GROUPE ELEC is not liable for any other claim and/or obligation arising from the warranty including expenses, damages, direct or indirect losses related to the use of its products.


- -Use or installation not in accordance with the instructions and documentation.

- Defects or lack of maintenance plan or improper maintenance.

- -Modification or change made to the equipment that has not been approved in writing by GROUPE ELEC's engineering department.

- Use of unsuitable fuel for the use of an emergency generator, as well as the use of unsuitable coolant or lubricant or not referenced in the manufacturer's recommendations.

- Use of spare parts or consumables not listed by the manufacturer.

- Error in handling and/or use of the equipment in situations or conditions contrary to what the equipment under warranty is designed for, including under or over use (Hrs/kWh ratio).

- Repairs performed by unauthorized personnel or personnel approved by GROUPE ELEC and/or use of non-OEM (original manufacturer's) spare parts.

- Damage due to acts of God or force majeure (natural disaster, fire, shock, flood, lightning, etc.) or other incidents caused by accident or negligence.

- Storage or installation in an aggressive place (dust, humidity, salty air, altitude, cold, chemical etc.).

3. CONDITIONS OF ACTIVATION OF THE GUARANTEE in order to claim the benefit of the warranty, the Buyer must:

- Ensure that fuel, lubricants and coolant are of good quality, clean and meet the engine manufacturer's specifications.

- The equipment must be maintained with original manufacturer's parts. Spare parts and consumables replaced must be exclusively those referenced by the manufacturer.

- For industrial generators: Maintain a maintenance logbook in which the Buyer records the date, content and results of tests, visual inspections, routine maintenance interventions, maintenance interventions in accordance with the maintenance plan (carried out by a recognized professional of the generator set) as well as all observations and findings of any anomalies made during operation and this for the entire duration of the warranty.

- For industrial generators: Keep available for the Seller the maintenance booklet and the invoices of repairs made on the equipment as well as the invoices and/or proofs of purchase of the consumables necessary for the operation and maintenance.

- To give the Seller every facility and, if necessary, to participate under the instructions of the Seller's after-sales service department in the diagnosis in order to proceed with the ascertainment of such defects and to remedy them; he shall furthermore refrain, except with the express agreement of the Seller, from carrying out himself or having carried out interventions in this context.

- Only batteries with a short-circuited cell are covered by the warranty.

- Excluded from the warranty are: hoses, relays, lamps, diodes, sensors (level, pressure, temperature, etc.) and deep-discharged batteries.

- Place of warranty: The work resulting from the warranty obligation shall be performed in the workshops of the Seller or its authorized agents. GROUPE ELEC shall only bear the parts and labor costs corresponding to the analysis of the defect and its repair.

- If the equipment is integrated into a set and access to the elements under warranty requires special means or disassembly, these must be taken care of beforehand by the customer.

4. EXCLUSIONS the warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. No claim or refund will be made.

5. LEGAL GUARANTEES independently of the above-mentioned warranty, the Seller remains liable for hidden defects in the goods sold in accordance with the conditions set forth in Articles 1641 to 1648 of the Civil Code, as of the delivery of the goods. The Buyer must inform the Seller of any hidden defects. ELEC GROUP hereby reserves the right to modify, alter or substitute any or all of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.