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ECOFLOW panneau Smart Home Panel pour Delta Pro

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This pack contains

ECOFLOW Relay Module 13A for the Smart Home Panel
x 8
ECOFLOW Relay Module 16A for the Smart Home Panel
x 5
copy of ECOFLOW panneau Smart Home Panel pour Delta Pro
x 1

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Extension de garantie à 7 ans
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Extension de garantie à 7 ans
Extension de garantie à 7 ans
10% of product price (+€149.90 by product)
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ECOFLOW Smart Home Panel for Delta Pro

8 X Module Relays (13A) + 5 X Module Relays (16A)

The Smart Home Panel is sold with relays, you can buy other relays to configure your Smart Home Panel with 13A or 16A relays as you wish.

Smart home battery system.
Specifically designed for the DELTA Pro ecosystem, the Smart Home Panel connects the DELTA Pro Portable Power Station directly to your home's wiring.

Emergency power for essential household appliances.

When the grid fails, the Smart Home Panel instantly switches to battery backup mode with one of the connected DELTA Pro units. When properly equipped, your home will benefit from up to 7200 W, with 25 kWh of energy.

Control via the application EcoFlow.
Monitor, control and manage energy via the app EcoFlow. The application provides real-time measurements and allows you to avoid peak hour fares.

Bypassing peak hour fares.
If you have adopted hourly pricing, you can use the Smart Home Panel and associated Delta Pro units to store energy when rates are low and use it when rates are high.

Durability and autonomy.
By adding MC4 compatible solar panels to the DELTA Pro unit, your home becomes a little more environmentally friendly. The Smart Home Panel directs free, renewable solar energy to your wall outlets, lighting and other fixtures. With enough solar power, your home can become self-sufficient.

The Smart Home Panel fromEcoFlow integrates the DELTA Pro unit fromEcoFlow to your home for a flexible and expandable home battery solution for energy storage for future use. Connect up to 10 of your home circuits for uninterrupted power in the event of a power outage, smart energy management, and more. All while saving money.

Prepare your home for power outages.

When an outage occurs, the Smart Home Panel immediately switches to your 10 integrated circuits and draws power from your DELTA Pro units. With a switching time of 20 ms for the selected circuits, you will hardly notice the outage.

Increase capacity and efficiency.

The Smart Home Panel supports and can quickly charge up to two DELTA Pro units at a time, along with their additional batteries and Smart Generator(s). This gives you a potential power output of 7200W, with a capacity of 25kWh, which is enough to power most of your home appliances, with several days of power during power outages.

Control, monitor and manage your energy consumption.

Control each of your integrated home circuits via the app EcoFlow and get an overview of your energy consumption habits. Explore the settings that allow you to customize your energy consumption. You can optimize for home backup power to save money, or customize the power scheduling options to suit your needs. Once set, you can even control the power source used by your home, all from your phone.

Save money on your electricity bills.

Leverage your DELTA Pro unit(s) to power your home during peak energy consumption hours; this reduces your bills as well as the strain on the grid during high consumption hours. During off-peak hours, fully recharge your DELTA Pro unit(s) with low-cost/renewable energy.

How the system works.

The devices in the DELTA Pro ecosystem are all connected to each other through the Smart Home Panel.

Benefit from an autonomous power supply.

Reduce your dependence on the grid and anticipate power outages. Opt for the range of portable solar panels fromEcoFlow to store energy at all times, or recharge from your AC-coupled rooftop solar panels when the grid is online. No sun? We're working on a wind turbine. No sun or wind? Use the grid for charging. No sun or wind, and a power outage? No problem. Use the Smart Generator fromEcoFlow as a last resort to charge your batteries.

Video Tutorials

This video explains the installation process of the Smart Home panel.

Video Tutorials

This video presents the ecosystem EcoFlow DELTA Pro.

The benefits of the ECOFLOW Smart Home Panel:

10 home devices can be connected

Reduce your electricity bills

Become autonomous

Can be used via the APP

Contents of the box:

1. Smart Home Panel
2. Infinity Cable

3. Wall mountings

4. Wire connectors

5. User's manual

Smart Home panel ECOFLOW for DELTA PRO

Output voltage: 240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Number of controlled circuits: 10

Nominal current: 13A, 16A

Max. backup power: 3600W / 7200W

Maximum energy of the connected battery: 21.6kWh

Load input (DELTA Pro): 3400W

IP Code: IP20

APP: Yes

Installation: Wall mount, to be installed by a licensed electrician

Warranty: 3 years

Weight (kg): 9kg

Dimensions: 460 x 330 x 120 mm

Color: White

* This unit does not have a GFCI (combined arc fault circuit breaker) function. All upstream circuit breakers must not have GFCI/ACD. GFCI and DCAA protection must be located downstream of the HPS with GFCI/DCAA receptacles or breakers.

**How to choose:

Plan the load: With a Smart Home Panel, selective loads are installed where they will be most effective during power outages or energy conservation management. Consider areas that would have a significant impact on comfort, such as the refrigerator and lights, and choose up to 10 selective loads on your breaker panel based on their load efficiency.

Collect load information: Determine the number and current ratings of the load circuits you plan to connect. Consult your electrician if you need help.

Determine the relay modules needed: Choose the relay module that matches the current rating of the circuit breaker upstream of this load circuit. Recommended relay modules by region: 13A, 16A for EU.



Data sheet

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Voltage in Volts
230 V
50 hz
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